Animated Simple Layers PowerPoint Template

Some presentations require a minimalist slide deck which can also offer some visual appeal. The Animated Simple Layers PowerPoint Template is an animated template with a minimalist design and slides suitable for making any type of presentation.

Blue Template with Customizable Slides

The template has a blue theme, with slides for introducing your topic, discussing your services, explaining your company’s history, creating comparisons and infographics, etc. The customizable slides allow you the flexibility to transform the content of the sample slides according to need.

Animated Simple Layers PowerPoint Template

While the sample slides indicate a presentation deck suitable for business presentations, you can easily edit the content in these slides to create anything from presentations on academic topics to something entirely offbeat.

Financial Slides

Flexible Slide Layouts

The blue background and white text with subtle animations makes the presentation deck visually appealing, yet minimalist. You can also make use of the icons within the slides by copying them around. These icons can help you symbolically represent various concepts and to create infographics. You can also add your own icons and clipart images to suit your needs. Furthermore, you can also add charts, tables and other content such as pictures from your corporate archive.

Header Slide Design

Make Timelines and Roadmaps

A few of the slides also come with years and financial information marked in text-boxes. These are slides you can use for representing timelines, roadmaps, and different phases tied to your presentation topic. The content in these timeline slides load each part of the timeline on mouse-click to make it easier for the audience to follow the timeline sequence. To generate a timeline, just add relevant information in the given text-boxes. These placeholders are already animated and will automatically load with relevant animations when you run the slides in slideshow mode.

Layered History

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