Free Set Diagram for PowerPoint (Venn Diagram Template)

Last updated on June 6th, 2024

Simple Set Diagram for PowerPoint is a free template that you can download with the classical Venn diagram design in the PPT presentation.

Free Set Diagram for PowerPoint (Venn Diagram Template)

This Venn Diagram template for PowerPoint contains two internal slide designs that you can use to make a Venn diagram for your presentations.

Simple Venn diagram example for PowerPoint

One of the slides contains a Venn Diagram created with PPT shapes and circles, while the other design is a elliptical representation of the original Venn Diagram. Alternatively you can learn how to design a Venn Diagram in PowerPoint using shapes or download more Venn diagram designs for PowerPoint & Google Slides like this Venn diagram toolkit for presentations.

You can easily edit the text inside the PowerPoint shapes in order to customize the diagram for your own presentation needs.

Venn Set diagram for PowerPoint (3852 downloads )

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