Animated Network PowerPoint Template Concept

When you find yourself churning out presentations one after the other, it helps to have a versatile go-to template that you can use for many different kinds of topics. While this may sound counter-intuitive, you may be surprised to find out that there are many templates out there that you can reuse multiple times and just need a few tweaks so that it looks different and unique each time. One of these PowerPoint templates is the Animated Network PowerPoint Template Concept.

This template is a beautiful and versatile template that can suit any kind of presentation topic or purpose. From the classroom to the boardroom, this premium animated template is perfect.

Network PowerPoint Template Concept

Animated Connection Concept Template for PowerPoint

The template is also created especially for PowerPoint, so you can leverage on the program’s features to make the most of your template, especially when it comes to customization and formatting.

This Animated Network PowerPoint Template features lines and dots that are interconnected, forming a network of lines and joints of different colors, represented by circles of various sizes. You will notice that this theme is prevalent in each of the 9 slides.

Connection and Network Graphics

Beautiful, Highly Customizable Slides for School or Work Use

While the template has a total of 17 slides, 9 of the slides are the templates themselves, and the rest are tutorials and instructions on how to use the template. These extra slides, which are in black background, also contain tips on how to customize the SmartArt graphics to match your actual data, as well as to customize the slides and the whole template itself. Having these extra slides are very helpful so you can maximize this premium slide and reuse it while making sure that your theme or brand stands out.

The first slide features a subtle animation that allows you to focus on the title, which shows right across the middle of the slide. Behind it, in the subtle gray gradient background that is the same background throughout the template, will be contrasted with the networking lines that also animate.

The succeeding slides feature the lines and dots also, this time, there are three bigger dots, now circles of different colors, that have text inside. This is great for listing different ideas. Another slide involves a variation of a line graph, this time in the form of up-arrows of varying heights to show differences among five different things or categories.

You can also present different topics and show their relationships in another slide that beautifully animates to highlight these differences and connections. Then, there’s enough space on one side of the slide to show a short description of each of these elements.

Built-in Animations for Every Slide

Present Your Data and Their Connections with Built-in Animations

There are other variations of the usual SmartArt graphics that you can find on PowerPoint, but these graphs and charts are professionally designed to match the networking theme. They all have built-in animations as well, so your whole presentation can look like one cohesive and harmonious piece.

Present Various Data Using Networking Lines and Shapes

You can use this template for school or business use. It’s great for showing relationships and differences, connections, as well as comparisons.

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