Radar Chart in PowerPoint

Charts are very useful when we need to explain certain data to an audience and want to avoid full text paragraphs. By using charts we can follow the rules of an image showing more than thousand words. Here we will see how to insert a radar chart in PowerPoint.

To insert a Radar Chart in PowerPoint first you need to open a blank presentation. Then go to Insert menu and click on Chart. Here you can choose the Chart Type before being inserted in the slide.

As you can see, there is a category Radar designed for this purpose. Here you can choose between three different radar charts in PowerPoint 2010.

Now an Excel spreadsheet will open where you can put your real data or paste it from another Excel spreadsheet that you have with your company information or market research.

When you are done, close Excel and the chart will appear. Here is an example:

Radar chart are also known as Spider Chart because the representation is like a web with the spider. This kind of charts visually compares several entities (ie: products, organizations, investment opportunities, people, etc.) on multiple dimensions.  It is widely used in Market Research but also in other sectors. A manager may use it to create a diagnostic imaging (radiology) center might want to compare her facility with the competition on dimensions related to patients such as Time To Appointment, Report Turnaround Time, No Show Rate, and Wait Time. Combined with other visualization tools like the Harvey Balls you can make awesome presentations with visual data in the slides.


Free Radar Chart in PowerPoint is saved under Categories: Charts templates and use the following tags: