Animated Message in a Bottle PowerPoint Template

You might have seen the age old symbolism of message in a bottle in movies, cartoons or artistic illustrations. It signifies a desperate call for help by placing a message in a bottle; allowing it to float the open sea in the hope of contacting help. The Animated Message in a Bottle PowerPoint Template brings the age old message in a bottle symbolism to PowerPoint slides.

 Show Your Message in a Bottle

There are various slides which depict a message inside a bottle, with the option to edit the sample message text. You can use these powerful slide layouts to depict your message with the help of visually appealing graphics.

edit your message in a bottle slide

Make Infographic Slides with Ease

These animated slides can be used for a number of purposes, which not only includes making general purpose slides but also comparison, picture, and chart slides. There is even scope for designing infographic slides, where each bottle in a set sequence will be revealed upon mouse-click.

bottle infographics

SOS Symbolism

Other than slides depicting a message in a bottle, the template also provides the SOS symbolism, which is meant as a call for help during or nearing a disaster. You can edit the given slides by adding your own information. You can even customize the slides heavily, by changing the color and look of sample objects within slides.

message in a bottle

Charts, Tables, & Diagrams

To reveal essential information, you can make use of the slides with charts, tables, diagrams and message in a bottle illustrations. These slides can help you reveal statistical information in an eye-catching manner. The given content is editable, which means you can make use of features like PowerPoint Chart Tools to edit the sample slide content with your own data. This can help you quickly populate the charts with essential information.

sos chart slide

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