Animated Magicians PowerPoint Template With Magic Wand Illustration

Sometimes when you are at a loss of ideas to make a presentation that may stand out, what you need is a magician’s touch! The Magicians Magic Wand PowerPoint Template is an amazing business template that can help you spread the magic of your ideas with some funny animations and witty ideas.

Animated Business Template For PowerPoint

Unlike what you may perceive from the name of this template, it is a fully editable, Business PowerPoint Template. Not only does this template come with customizable animated slides but also provides a number of charts and graphs that can be edited out to create Animated PowerPoint Presentations.

Magicians Magic Wand PowerPoint Template

Fully Editable Slides With Video Animations

The template starts off with a sample slide of a magician waving his magic wand. This video animation can be accompanied by your company’s logo and a custom message to start your presentation in style. You can also download the clipart for the Magician Hat Wand Swirl Clipart, from the link given at the end of this post. This clipart is available in PNG and JPG format and you can even customize the look for this 3D clipart before downloading it.

Add Company Logo

Business Charts And Tables

This template also provides business charts and tables which can be edited out to add your own data. You can also change the size, shape, color and other elements of these charts using Table and Chart Tools and other basic features in PowerPoint. These charts can be used for making quarterly reports and for projecting company statistics.

Table Page Layout

The below screenshot shows one of the many editable charts that are available in this Animated PowerPoint Template.

Editable Charts

Useful Clipart And Images

Like most Presenter Media Templates, Magicians Magic Wand PowerPoint Template also provides clipart and images. These images can help you add some humor to your business presentations and help you attract the attention of your audience.

Useful Clipart

Magicians Magic Wand PowerPoint Template Video Demo

To see this Animated PowerPoint Template in action, check out our demo video given below.

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