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Surveys and polls are valuable tools for organizations to gain insight into customer behavior as well as to predict market trends. It’s also a great way to engage with consumers. Today, polls are not dished out traditionally, in the streets and with pen and paper. In this digital world, surveys and polls can be distributed and answered online. Technology now makes it easy for organizations to create polls for their target market. Consequently, it is now easier for respondents to answer and submit their answers to these surveys and polls. To help you create polls for your company or organization’s website, there are numerous poll creating tools out there. However, nothing can deliver the power and ease that Polldaddy has.

Polldaddy Helps You Create Online Surveys and Polls

There are poll creation tools that allow you to create polls for free. However, their features are limited. With Polldaddy, you can create polls with no limit to your content and on the votes you receive. You can even collect feedback from your website as well as from email or social media accounts.

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Polldaddy lets you take the steering wheel when it comes to polls, surveys, quizzes, and reviews. You can create unlimited surveys and unlimited responses from unlimited people. This allows you to maximize information gathering for better insight into things that matter most for your organization.

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Polldaddy Offers Amazing Premium Features

Polldaddy offers a free service with limited features that still enable you to create powerful polls. This is great for individuals and small businesses that want the bare minimum in their polls and can do with one account. However, you have an option as to how much you want to spend and what kind of features you want on your polls. It also has the most popular Pro and the more expensive Corporate pricing plans.

These paid plans offer a wide range of features to make your polls look professional and even reflect your brand. For example, you can completely customize the look and feel of your polls because you have full access to the poll’s CSS. There is also no Polldaddy branding so you can focus on your brand and even promote it in your polls.

This is done so much more easily because Polldaddy uses a drag-and-drop question interface. Furthermore, you can create custom “Thank You” and “Welcome” pages when your customers finish your survey, or first open it. You can also have a minimum of 10,000 participant email invites monthly, so you can reach out to your customers and network.

For security purposes and to avoid bots and spam, Polldaddy provides restrictions such as password, email identification, IP address, and captcha.

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Gain Amazing Insight About Your Target Audience

With Polldaddy, the results of your polls, surveys, reviews or quizzes are automatically collected and securely stored. The data can then be exported as reports in Excel, PDF, Google Docs, CSV, or XML formats. This will allow you to easily create reports and presentations about the results of your survey, or just have a reliable record for future use and reference. Furthermore, these formats can be easily converted into graphs and tables for a more visual analysis of your results.

Your survey or quiz responses can be filtered so you can only see what you want to see. There are many applicable filters that you can use to view the responses in different ways for reference and analysis. You can also securely share the results to your colleagues and clients, which is important when you’re collaborating with a team or working remotely.

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Aside from the above mentioned features, you can also add more pizzaz to your polls and surveys to make them more attractive. With Polldaddy, you can add images, videos, and other types of content from reliable sources and platforms such as Flickr, Google Maps, and YouTube, to name just a few.

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