Animated Harvest PowerPoint Template

The fall season has long been associated with harvest time. This is because in many cultures fall was and still is the time for harvesting crops. In fact, harvest itself means ‘autumn’. There are also a number of festivals that come with the harvest season, be it Halloween or Thanksgiving. The Animated Harvest PowerPoint Template perfectly depicts all the glory of the harvest of the fall season, with slides depicting images related to agriculture, with images of corn, pumpkins and harvesting activities.


Widescreen Fall & Harvest Themed Template

This fall and harvest PowerPoint template comes in widescreen format, with high resolution images that make up the slide backgrounds. The template is extremely eye-catching for this very reason and can be perfect for presentations about the fall season, harvest and agriculture related activities.


Beautiful, High Resolution Backgrounds

The title slide depicts a field, amidst the clear blue sky in the backdrop. The odd bunch of slides which follow the title slide include a content slide with the same background as the title slide, followed by slides depicting pumpkins, dry leaves, a tractor and a bucket of corn. All these slides contain beautiful, high resolution backgrounds, with placeholders that make the added content gel perfectly with the backgrounds.


The Perfect Harvest PowerPoint Template

Using these odd bunch of slides you can create professional presentations related to various harvest, fall season and agriculture related presentation topics. Since this is an animated template, the slides load with nifty animations, making your added text and images even more attractive, as you switch from slide-to-slide.


Perfectly Matched Color Schemes

The most impressive thing about this template is that the color schemes are perfectly matched with the HD backgrounds. This ensures that the backgrounds remain subtle, yet visually pleasing, and you can incorporate your information without worrying about visually overpowering your audience.


You can download this beautiful harvest PowerPoint template from Presenter Media, along with a range of other animated PowerPoint templates.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Harvest PowerPoint Template

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