Festive Templates

Animated Festive Lights PowerPoint Template

Animated Festive Lights PowerPoint Template

Lights can set the mood. As simple as a colored light bulb or a dimmed light fixture can change the mood in a room. The same can be done with the right kind of PowerPoint presentation. If you’re a presenter and you want to prime your audience, so to speak, proper lighting is important. Furthermore, …

Animated Thanksgiving PowerPoint Template

If you are making a presentation about the fall season or thanksgiving, you can make good use of many extraordinary background designs to make your content stand out. We previously brought you the Harvest PowerPoint Template with HD backgrounds which provides some of the most perfectly designed harvest and fall themed backgrounds for PowerPoint that …

Animated Harvest PowerPoint Template

The fall season has long been associated with harvest time. This is because in many cultures fall was and still is the time for harvesting crops. In fact, harvest itself means ‘autumn’. There are also a number of festivals that come with the harvest season, be it Halloween or Thanksgiving. The Animated Harvest PowerPoint Template …

Animated Autumn Wind PowerPoint Template

Various festivals are celebrated during the fall season around the world. The most notable are Halloween and Thanksgiving. To commemorate various types of fall and harvesting festivals or to simply make a presentation about Autumn, we have an animated presentation template that you can use.

Animated Fall Festivals PowerPoint Template

Animated Fall Saturation PowerPoint Template is a presentation template suitable for making presentations and slide shows for fall festivals, especially Halloween.

Free Celebration PowerPoint Templates

Standard Celebration-Themed Template for Many Occasions

Occasions of triumph, success, overcoming obstacles, reaching a milestone, meeting a goal. All these require a celebration. And for these times worth keeping in memory and sharing with others, you would need presentations to glorify and commemorate these moments. Thus, we will show you some beautiful celebration PowerPoint templates that you can download for free and …