Animated Happy New Year City Fireworks PowerPoint Template

In the wake of the coming year you might be looking for a good template to make presentations in year 2017. The Animated Happy New Year City Fireworks PowerPoint Template is a perfect template for making presentations in year 2017. It comes with animated slides and attractive layouts to help you create professional presentations with some fireworks!

New Year Themed Fireworks PowerPoint Template

This New Year themed template has a fireworks theme which is consistent throughout the slide deck. The background depicts the night sky and fireworks, which show up in every slide.


Create Company Profiles, Timelines and Project Proposals

The slides have been designed in such a manner as to allow presenters to create company profiles, project proposals, timelines, etc. You can use this template to create any of the aforementioned or mix the slides to create a slide deck starting with the introduction of your company and team, followed by a project proposal.


Similarly, you can make project roadmaps and timelines, add charts to depict quarterly evaluations before your bosses or create other types of business presentations.


Sample Timeline from 2017 to 2018

There is a timeline sequence that spans 3 slides. This sequence can be used for making a timeline for a whole year, including quarters from two separate years. The default layouts allow making a timeline from year 2017 to 2018.


Create a Diverse Range of Slides

There are also editable charts, picture and content layouts, as well as list slides to help a diverse range of presenters with different needs. You can also add your own slides to include diagrams, pictures, clipart, etc. Furthermore, since this is a premium slide deck, you get the utility of editing, removing and moving around objects by selecting them individually.


Go to Presenter Media – Animated Happy New Year City Fireworks PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Happy New Year City Fireworks PowerPoint Template (Standard)

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