Animated Gradient Mountains PowerPoint Template

Last updated on March 17th, 2024

A presentation template with a unique color scheme can be quite attention grabbing. Provided the colors are well matched, such a template can help your content get instantly noticed. The Animated Gradient Mountains PowerPoint Template is a slide deck with a modern design, and a very unique color tone.


Create Professional Presentations with a Unique Perspective

If you want to make professional looking presentations with little effort, the Gradient Mountains PowerPoint Template is the perfect template for the job. The template provides various layouts for presenting your information using charts, infographics, picture collages and more.

Layouts with Smart use of Color Gradients

The template makes good use of color gradients to make the layouts more interesting and to add some visual appeal. The slides come with editable sections, like those provided in PowerPoint SmartArt templates, which means that you can edit individual objects to customize the slides. This makes it possible to redesign slides as specifically as you might need to.

You can also check out the various layouts within the template which provide some extra options for you to decide what specific layouts go best with your content. You can access these layouts via the Home tab (as shown below).

Design Infographics, Charts & Interesting Content Slides

There are 14 sample slides in this template to help you present all kinds of data, create infographics, price tags, content slides, comparison slides and more. You can modify existing slides to adjust them according to your needs and make sure your content gets noticed with the visual aid of flat design graphics designed using color gradients.

Present your Data with Attractive Chart Slides

This animated template offers a range of chart slides where you can edit the sample charts using Chart Tools in PowerPoint. The layouts come with color gradients making up the background of the charts, which makes the charts more attractive.

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