Animated Flat Sales Funnel PowerPoint Template

A sales funnel is a systematic process used by companies for selling goods and services. Such a process has various stages, such as an awareness phase, interest phase, evaluation phase, decision phase, purchase phase, revaluation phase and a repurchase phase. The Animated Flat Sales Funnel PowerPoint Template is a slide deck with flat design animated slides for making sales presentations.

Create Inbound Marketing Funnel Presentations

An inbound marketing funnel tells marketers about what the marketing message should be. It includes providing a mechanism by which diverse customer needs can be catered for. For example, every visitor to a website might not be looking for the same thing, therefore, there is a need to cater for the needs of each diverse customer.

The Flat Sales Funnel PowerPoint Template provides a perfect layout for making presentations related to the inbound marketing funnel.


Sample Diagrams & Useful Content Layouts

There are a number of very handy slides with sample funnel diagrams that you can edit to create robust presentations. The template is a mixture of diagrams, comparison layouts, useful icons and generic content slides that you can use to design presentations best suited for your presentation topic.


Plan, Reach, Act, Convert and Engage

The second sample slide presents an editable funnel diagram with phases such as plan, reach, act, convert and engage. This is followed by slides dedicated to each phase, including two slides each for discussing planning, outreach, the acting phase, and conversion, followed by four slides related to the engagement phase, with a three slide timeline. The diagrams (including the funnel diagram and Venn diagram slides) were created with PowerPoint shapes. You can learn more about what is a PowerPoint shape here.


You can also change the title and adjust the sample illustrations of these slides to customize them according to your liking. While the sample slides offer a sequence for making an inbound marketing funnel presentation; the content can be easily managed to convert the slides for a sales or marketing related presentation with a different topic.


Three Step Sample Timeline

You can edit the sample timeline to represent your engagement phase in great detail, over the course of three slides. This can help you present your timeline systematically, and help elaborate each part of the timeline in great detail.


This animated sales funnel PowerPoint template is a great resource for making marketing funnels to present your plan about how to reach and interact with targeted customers, especially to describe your inbound marketing funnel.

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