Animated Fairy Rain PowerPoint Template

Fairytales, PowerPoint storyboards and presentations related to inspirational topics can be made interesting by using unconventional slide designs and imagery which might instill feelings of hope.

PowerPoint Template with Fairy Rain Video Animation

The Animated Light Drops PowerPoint Template contains the ‘Fairy Rain’ animation which shows magical illuminated drops falling from the sky. This template contains this animation across all sample slides and the opening PowerPoint slide provides this animation with placeholders to help you introduce your presentation topic.

Light drops PowerPoint template

The template provides, tables, clipart, SmartArt layouts and a range of other useful presentation resources to help you present your ideas. The template can be manipulated for use with any kind of presentation topic, however, it can be ideal for presentations related to new ideas, career coaching, quarterly target improvement and motivational presentations, as well as when making children’s PowerPoint storyboards.

Light drops animated template

You can easily customize the generic layouts by making use of the given placeholders and even insert your own images and additional textboxes to complement the animated layouts.

This animated template can be downloaded for PowerPoint for Windows and Mac OS X, as well as for Keynote for use with Mac OSX or on iPad devices.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Fairy Rain PowerPoint Template

Fairy rain template for PowerPoint

Animated Fairy Rain Video Background Template for PowerPoint

The ‘Fairy Rain’ animation can also be downloaded as a standalone video background template for PowerPoint. The Animated Fairy Rain Video Background Template is available in PPTX and video formats. The former can be easily edited right from within PowerPoint to add your own content and to change the look of the animation. You can even customize the color of the animation before downloading the template.

Fairy rain animation

The below screenshots show how you can use the customization options at the Presenter Media website to customize the look of this animation before downloading it as a PowerPoint or video file.

Customize fairy rain animation

The video formats in which this animation can be downloaded include, WMV, FLV and MOV format.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Fairy Rain Video Background Template for PowerPoint

Fairy rain video animation

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