How To Create 3D Staircase in PowerPoint

A staircase illustration is often used for depicting success, progress, motivation, etc. Since a staircase is often perceived with an upward climb, it can have a positive impact on the audience and such an illustration can be effectively used to motivate an audience or to direct them towards positive thinking.

How to create 3D staircase in PowerPoint

How to Draw a 3D Staircase Using Chevron Arrows in PowerPoint (Video Tutorial)

The video tutorial given below will teach you how to easily create a 3D staircase diagram in PowerPoint using chevron arrows. Once you have created your staircase illustration, you can customize it in a number of ways, such as by adding clipart and textboxes to elaborate your presentation topic.

Presentation Process has covered a range of tutorials with simple instructions for drawing professional looking diagrams and illustrations. You can also see this tutorial about drawing a 3D roadmap in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint CEO Pack with Editable Business Diagrams

If you find it too laborious to make complex illustrations from scratch then you can use the PowerPoint CEO Pack by Presentation Process. This PowerPoint bundle contains a wide variety of business diagrams and illustrations with editable slide elements which you can use for making professional presentations with elegant layouts and classy imagery that is bound to impress your audience.

This bundle has been crafted keeping in mind business needs of professionals engaged in sales, marketing, finance, HR, IT and a range of other departments, as well as senior company officials such as CEOs, company directors, managers, etc.

Draw a 3D staircase in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint CEO Pack covers virtually any kind of business diagram that you can think of and the editable nature of slides makes customization possibilities infinite.

You can pick and choose between more than 750 slides to include in your presentations and make the most complex diagrams with ease, by simply adding your own text. However, as the slides are highly customizable, you can also alter the original slide designs.

You can download this pack from the below link and even place an order to get it on digital media, such as a CD.

Go to PowerPoint CEO Pack with Editable Business Diagrams and illustrations

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