Download free Globe clipart designs for PowerPoint presentations and slide templates containing clipart graphics, world map and globe illustrations to decorate your presentations.

Animated Environment PowerPoint Templates

Conserving the environment, global warming, renewable energy, sustainable development and eco-friendly solutions are many of the buzz words resonating across various sectors, especially the development sector. Sometimes, one might have to present something related to the environment to keep up with the requirements of the corporate culture or to be a part of celebrations for …

Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template

For presentations related to conservation, green energy, global warming and other environment related topics, one needs to have a compelling presentation template to make an impact on an audience, which is usually at risk of getting bored by environment related subject matter. The Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template is one such template.

Animated Earth PowerPoint Templates

Earth related imagery is often required in environmental presentations, for topics related to global clientele and sales, academic presentation topics and the like. The below Animated Earth PowerPoint Templates provide animated backgrounds, customizable slide objects and eye-catching layouts that can help you create professional presentations.

Earthscape HD Video Background Template For PowerPoint

Presenter Media has always been a great source for downloading high quality video animations. We have previously brought you a range of reviews of HD video backgrounds for PowerPoint. This time we have another finely crafted animated background which depicts planet Earth with two small globes rotating on the side, as if they were to be …

Animated World Communication PowerPoint Template

The Animated World Communication PowerPoint Template is an animation laden presentation template by Presenter Media which provides slides with communication themed content. The template starts off with a slide that shows different forms of communication in the form of a video background.

Free Worldmap PowerPoint Template

This is a free worldmap PowerPoint template that you can download for free and use it for social studies or geography students. You can download and use this presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint to report on any assigned country. The worldmap template with gray background include where the country is located, geographic features, climate, environment, …

Make Animated Global Presentations with Global PowerPoint Template Toolkit

Globalization has changed the way business is doing worldwide, so every new day presentations are held with participants around the world. If you are in charge of designing your next global PowerPoint presentation for a potential sale or annual meeting in your organization, then here we will show you a great global PowerPoint template toolkit …