Animated Easter PowerPoint Template

Easter is one of Christianity’s most important holiday, as it celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead after crucifixion. Those who practice the Christian faith celebrate this holiday and festival in many ways and in all parts of the globe. Easter also ushers the end of the Holy Week, which also commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. The Holy Week includes Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Many celebrate Easter with sunrise church services as well as decorating Easter eggs, which is a very popular tradition that kids and adults alike look forward to every year. You can channel the joy of the Easter holiday at your own homes or community using Easter themed templates such as this Animated Easter PowerPoint Template.

This template from Presenter Media features many slides full of beautiful animated elements for an Easter or springtime theme. These elements can be animated and further customized to your preference.

easter powerpoint template


Animated Easter Holiday Themed PowerPoint Template

This Animated Easter PowerPoint Template features 9 creatively designed slides that have unique looks. Still, these slides have the same Easter theme, with a wood grained background and some grass and flowers at the bottom, where Easter eggs can be seen peeking out. There are also pinned paper designs that make the whole look of the slides seem like an Easter scrapbook. The slides also have a subtle bunny shape that kids and even adults can have a fun time looking for in the slides.

This Easter themed PowerPoint template is perfect as an Easter mood board or a scrap book. It can also be used as a photo album. Many businesses and organizations can also use this on a more corporate setting, such as for product presentations, pitches, advertising briefs, proposals, and the like. In schools or in an academic setting, this PowerPoint template can be used for Easter events and celebrations, as well as for classroom reports about Easter.

easter template

Follow the Template Instructions and Customize Your Slides

Anyone can use this PowerPoint template for all kinds of Easter or springtime events and presentations. You don’t really have to be an expert in presentations or in design in order to come up with a great-looking Easter slideshow. After all, this particular template comes with easy-to-follow instructions as well as placeholders and samples to give you a good idea of how your own deck will look like.

easter eggs

For example, the first slide is a title slide and this comes with notes in blue boxes. Here, the notes say that the “Happy Easter” title has two layers of text, a shadow layer in white and the top layer, which is the colored text. In the slide, the Happy Easter phrase has pink and green colors with a gradient effect. You can change this by clicking on the text and, under Drawing Tools, go to the Format menu and choose the font colors that you want. You can even add font or fill effects.

Furthermore, the text itself can be modified. You can use your own title. Then, to make sure it perfectly fits against the slides and all the other slide elements, you can reposition and resize the text. You can further manipulate the title text by following the detailed instructions.

The rest of the slides also have placeholders as well as movable components that you can modify, reposition, and resize.

easter presentation template

Beautiful Animations That Perfectly Match Your Theme

The animations are wonderful, as you and your audience are treated to slide components such as the grass, flowers, and Easter eggs popping up into the slides. Of course, you can add more animations or modify the existing ones to suit your presentation and pace. You can also add transitions as well as other effects to add more life to your slides.

easter clipart

While there are only 9 slides in the template, you can easily duplicate the slides, rearrange them, or create your own blank slide using the template’s Main Color Title slide.

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