Animated Designer Shapes PowerPoint Template

The Animated Designer Shapes PowerPoint Template is an abstract template which depicts various shapes in animated patterns. The template can be used for a variety of topics, especially ones associated with fashion design, UI design and development, as well as other more common topics such as business, marketing, finance, etc.

Abstract Layouts with Drag and Drop Functionality for Customization

There is ample space to add text, images, diagrams, tables and charts. The text-placeholders allow you to design slides with as much text as you might need. If text-heavy presentations are not your style, you can also reshape the layouts by dragging and dropping slide objects or removing placeholders where you might want to add something else. You can also simply make use of whitespace to give your content a neat look.

Animated Designer Shapes PowerPoint Template

Design Layouts with Editable Shapes

What’s quite interesting about this template is that it makes use of simple shapes to design layouts that are colorful and eye-catching. The design overall echoes the flat or material design, which is commonly used in operating system and web based layouts. The style itself is meant to make the content more prominent by using fewer elements within the design. In other words, less is more!

Designer PowerPoint Template

The shapes in the slides are also editable and can be customized with ease. You can select to change the color, drag and drop or resize the shapes anytime. Furthermore, you can also replace shapes with your own photos, text, clipart, etc.

Designer Shapes PowerPoint Template

There are 11 sample slides in this template, each with a unique layout which can be further customized. This gives enough scope for generating a plethora of slide designs by the end user. On the contrary, you can also avoid the hassle of customizing your content too much and simply opt for using the sample slides with little editing to quickly create presentations.

Designer Comparison Slide

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