Bring Your Presentation To Life With The Art of Storytelling

Last updated on October 31st, 2023

As children we were all taught the very vital lessons of life through stories and how we loved those tales! Stories are one of the creative means to communicate your view or message in a fun way. Therefore this art is very much relevant to businesses nowadays for effective marketing. When the art of storytelling is finely woven with PowerPoint Presentations, the result is maximum audience attention for successful marketing.

There can be no excuse for not employing this amazing concept to your presentation. Everyone is a storyteller. Yes, you heard that right. Storytelling is not some complicated skill that requires some special learning; it is something that comes naturally to all of us and can be worked upon with a little knowledge and a pinch of creativity!

Bring Your Presentation To Life With The Art of Storytelling

Why Storytelling? Storytelling in Presentations

The art of storytelling must be embraced for it offers the following advantages:

  • Facilitates connection – Stories are like open ended equations, they allow the audience to use their imagination which sets the foundation to drawing their attention to what you are presenting. These tales also have the knack of stirring the human emotions. In all, stories make it rather easy to establish connection by all means!
  • Better understanding of ideas – Ideas are better understood if they are put across in the form of a story, with a definite beginning gradually leading to a relevant end. The flow in the story keeps the audience engrossed in what you are communicating, thus enabling them to understand it well.
  • Power to influence – Because the presentation of the story in entirely in your hands, you can mould viewer conception with the way you present its gradual course. This obviously allows you to better sell your ideas and draw great business.
KISS Principle in PowerPoint

Here are some tips that you can use to apply storytelling in your presentations.

  • Keep in mind the central idea, the idea that you wish to sell. Build your story around this idea making your story relevant.
  • Follow the KISS rule and keep it short and simple. A dragged story is sure to lose the audience’s interest.
  • Use images and other visual communicators to add creativity to your story and enhance its appeal.
  • The presentation should be a story in itself. If you hold your presentation in between to tell a short story people will possibly like the story but may actually lose interest in your presentation.

Following these simple rules is all you need to explore the storyteller within you. Yes, you are just a step away from exploring this creative side of yours; that’s probably the only thing keeping you from wooing your audience.

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