Animated Corporate Competition PowerPoint Template

Competition, be it between employees or companies is always fierce. The Animated Corporate Winners Circle PowerPoint Template depicts competition among business professionals using silhouettes of male and female business figures.

Discuss Corporate Competition Using Silhouettes

The opening slides show silhouettes of male and female figures running in a race. The initial PowerPoint slide shows a female silhouette crossing the finish line and the following slide depicts a male silhouette winning the race. Both the winning male and female figures are highlighted in yellow in both slides.

Corporate winner template for PowerPoint

Recolor Silhouettes and Other Slide Objects

You can customize the sample slides by recoloring the silhouettes and other slide objects using Drawing Tools in PowerPoint. This can help you match the color of the objects according to your company logo or presentation topics. For example, you might be looking to highlight positive and negative aspects of competition using colors like green and red.

Recolor slide objects and silhouettes

Animated Male and Female Figures

The presentation template provides a number of male and female figures throughout sample slides to help you create customized slides. You can use these sample slides according to your presentation subject for making presentations on topics like employee related issues, workforce attrition rate, corporate competition, gender equality, time management, corporate culture, stress at work, etc.

Male and female figures

Silhouette Clipart

Two of the last slides are dedicated with silhouette clipart images for you to create custom slides. However, the difference between the clipart images in both slides is little; as the same figures are shown with a briefcase in the latter.

Business silhouette clipart

Both Windows and Mac users of PowerPoint can download this template for the latest editions of PowerPoint. Also check out our reviews of Animated Corporate PowerPoint Templates.

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