Animated Circus PowerPoint Template

Circus is perhaps the strangest show one can ever see. It provides the audience with novel acts that seem beyond the realm of common people. In fact, doing the unbelievable, strange or daringly risky is what makes circus worth watching for many people. But a circus can also be the central theme for a presentation topic! This might be the case when you may require explaining about what a circus is or you may use it symbolically for your presentation. For example, some might use the concept of ‘life as a circus’ for explaining complicated issues.

Circus Slide Designs and Animations

If for some reason you need a good Circus PowerPoint Template, then Under The Big Top is an animation laden template that you can use for making attractive slide decks.

Animated circus PowerPoint template

There are a number of circus themed slide layouts with enough space to add descriptions and explanations, as well as to add images and clipart.

Circus tent slide design

Circus Silhouettes

There are slides with circus silhouettes that provide a generic layout with circus characters. These characters come in customizable format. You can change the colors of default silhouettes by clicking on the object and picking colors via Shape Fill from the PowerPoint Drawing Tools.

Juggler silhouette

This circus template for PowerPoint is available for Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Under The Big Top Circus PowerPoint Template

Circus template for Keynote and PowerPoint

Animated Clown Clipart

This funny GIF animation depicts a clown juggling balls. You can download this animated clipart in various resolutions and use it in your slides. Moreover, using the settings on the left hand menu on the download page, you can also change the colors of the clown.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Clown Clipart

Clown GIF animation

Stick Figure Walking on Rope Clipart

This is another circus themed animated clipart which shows a stick figure walking on a rope. You can easily insert this GIF in your presentation slides and add a text-box to caption the animation.

Go to Presenter Media – Stick Figure Walking on Rope Clipart

Stick figure walking on rope

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