Animated Connected Network Circles PowerPoint Template

Many presentation topics require maintaining a persistent connection between different subtopics to create slides that appear well connected. Animated Connected Network Circles PowerPoint Template is meant to help presenters maintain a flow of subtopics by using animated, interconnected slides.

Vertical Flow of Animated Slides

You can start your presentation using this template with an opening slide which gives a sample, replaceable image and space for entering text.

animated connected network circles powerpoint template

The next two slides present an introduction of the services and the presenter or the organization he/she might be representing. You can also move around slides to bring the ‘About us’ slide before the ‘Services’ slide. The slides move in a vertical direction when the slide is switched. This reveals the next slide.

connected circles template for powerpoint

Customize Slides using a Variety of Methods

With the 9 sample slides in this template you can create infographics and charts, as well as insert tables, SmartArt and other content to suit your needs. The connected slides have a network design with the utility for the presenter to add or remove images. The slides can be customized in a number of ways due to their editable objects, such as by making use of drag and drop. Furthermore, you can also edit slides by reorganizing or editing individual objects by changing their color, size or shape.

connected charts

The template gives you the utility to forge sample content to create slides which can be great for business related presentations or official use. You can add your goals, create timelines and use images to elaborate your presentation topic. The subtle colors allow you to create content tat is easy to read and understand for your audience. Furthermore, it allows the presenter to maintain a certain flow during their presentations to present different types of topics.

financial goals

Available for both PC and Mac users, this presentation template can be downloaded along with thousands of premium quality animated PowerPoint templates by PresenterMedia subscribers. You can subscribe to PresenterMedia via the link given below.

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