Animated Competition PowerPoint Templates

Staying ahead of competition or beating your competitor is the main theme of many business presentations. One may require presenting important information about market share, a product lifecycle, a competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, Boston Matrix or other types of reports which may show where your products stand before competitors.

Competition Themed Animated Presentation Templates

When making competitive analysis related presentations, it can be hard to keep your audience engaged, as too many statistics can make it difficult to keep your audience awake. This is why we have compiled a list of some animated Competition PowerPoint Templates which can help you make your business presentations lively and interesting.

competition powerpoint templates

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition PowerPoint Template

This is quite an interesting PowerPoint Template which starts off by showing a race between different stick figures, where the one winning the race is highlighted in red color. This is the opening slide that you can customize with a title, sub-title and logo. The following slides provide everything from graphs, picture slides to competition themed clipart to help you create mesmerizing business presentations to impress your audience.

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stay ahead of your competition powerpoint template

Street Cyclist Racers PowerPoint Template

This template can serve as another interesting slide set for making the most out of your business presentations. It provides an animation of racing cyclists, followed by highly customizable slides with graphs, useful clipart images, SmartArt Graphics and more. All slides (including the opening slide with the video animation of racing cyclists) are editable and can be customized right down to the size and color of slide objects.

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street cyclists racing powerpoint template

Knock Out Competition PowerPoint Template

Business presentations about competition can get any better than this! The Knock Out PowerPoint Template gives you an awesome video animation of two stick figures fighting a boxing match, where one gets knocked out. This template has all what you need to not only create presentations about competition but also to motivate your employees and co-workers while you’re at it.

With this template you can not only add your analysis, graphs and reports but also show off clipart and animations that can be used to devalue your competitor in the eyes of your stakeholders. No guessing who the knocked out figure will be in your presentation?

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knock out competition powerpoint template

Business Boxing Match PowerPoint Template

Staying with the Italian Stallion persona, we have any animated template that can help you knock out your competitor, at least in a presentation! The Business Boxing Match is a video background that can be downloaded as a customizable PowerPoint template. This video animation can be used in a variety of ways for showing off your competitive edge, be it in a presentation slide or as a video uploaded to your website. You can download this animation in the following formats:

  • PowerPoint
  • QuickTime Video
  • Windows Media Video
  • Adobe Flash Video

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business boxing match video template for powerpoint

For more competition themed presentation templates for PowerPoint and Keynote, see the link given below.

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