Animated Compare It PowerPoint Template

Last updated on April 12th, 2024

When it comes to comparisons, it’s important that you show clear characteristics of each item you’re comparing. You must list down what makes two or more things similar, as well as what makes them different. You may also need to present all your findings and data in a slideshow. And this is where you can find this Animated Compare It PowerPoint Template very useful.

Whether in schools or offices, comparisons are done in order to help people make better sense of things, so that they can judge and make what they think is the best decision. From subject matter to products, from experiments to employees, comparisons are done as a way to gain better understanding of a situation and to also solve a problem.

While you can of course create a slideshow from scratch using PowerPoint and its range of built-in tools and templates, these can only get you so far. If you really want to wow your audience while presenting them needed information, you have to make your presentations eye-catching and unique.

Animated Comparison PowerPoint Template

Animate Your Comparisons in Your Next Slideshow

The Animated Compare It PowerPoint Template is a very useful template in presenting all your information for comparison. Typically, for those who don’t use SmartArt, especially PowerPoint beginners, they would just create a list of qualities of an object in one slide, then the qualities of another object in another. If you have many objects to compare, you would probably use up multiple slides for a single set of comparison. At best, you may create a table and jam all the information in one slide. However, everybody does this and this can leave your presentation looking dull.

To spruce things up a bit, you need some much-needed and well-placed animations. Not only does this Animated Compare It PowerPoint Template make your slides look dynamic, it also lets you concisely and more effectively present your comparisons.

Comparing Candidates - Example of comparative slides in a PowerPoint presentation comparing two profiles
Example of comparative slides in a PowerPoint presentation comparing two profiles

Make Your Comparisons Unique and Attractive

While there are also many other templates that can allow you to animate your slides or create useful comparisons, like the comparison slide templates here, none so far look like this comparison PPT template. This animated comparison PowerPoint template is actually a set of versatile animated comparisons that are specially designed and laid out.

Animated Comparison table - Example of Compartive Slides in a PowerPoint presentation - Comparison Table with Percentages.
Example of Compartive Slides in a PowerPoint presentation – Comparison Table with Percentages.

The animated comparison PowerPoint template set has a total of 10 animated slides, plus an eleventh slide for matching icons that you can use throughout the template. You can use this template completely when creating a comprehensive comparison of two or even more objects. This is because the template already contains a title slide and a set of cohesive slides with different layouts.

The title slide shows a weighing scale, already visually showing that your slide is already about comparisons. The next slides show different layouts and visual designs that highlight the characteristics of the objects you’re comparing. There’s a slide for listing the qualities and there’s another slide that allows you to use line graphs. There’s another slide for a circle slide comparison, and another that shows the pros and cons of each object. Then there’s another for comparing candidates and creating a short summary.

Comparison Charts and Animations

For product pricing, the template also has a pricing plan slide that compares the features and services that you can avail under different price points. There’s also another slide for method comparison, featuring different icons.

This slideshow template can be used as a whole or you can pick and use the slides that you want to insert to your own presentation. What’s great about this is that the slides can be easily customized so it matches the theme and color scheme of your own existing presentation. Just insert the slide template anywhere you need to and you have yourself a wonderfully laid out and beautifully designed comparison slide that even has professional animations.

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