Animated Christmas Toolkit For PowerPoint

The Animated Christmas Toolkit for PowerPoint is a comprehensive template for making all kinds of presentations tied to Christmas. The template essentially contains a wide variety of cheerful layouts and clipart that you can make use of for spreading the holiday cheer. With this template you can create anything from a presentation for your business proposal or quarterly evaluations (during Christmas season), to a presentation about the Holiday Season itself or even your school presentations.

Create a Custom Version of the Title Slide

The title slide gives two links from where you can customize the fonts and banner image within the opening slide. The link for the banner leads to a customization page which gives you various options for creating your custom version of the banner by using easy editing options.


Cheerful Christmas Presentation Slides

There are a number of cheerful presentation slides that can help you keep the holiday cheer alive in your presentations. The template contains 13 sample slides, with layouts suitable for making charts, slides for your Q&A session, comparisons, etc. With these 13 sample slides, you get enough layouts to design interesting presentations with little effort.


Add Some Humour to Your Slides

Interestingly, the template also makes use of cuddly images of cats, which can help you tickle the funny bone of your audience. These are of course sample images that you can change anytime according to need.


Then there are slides with sample charts and layouts that are perfect for adding formal content. This gives the template a comprehensive outlook to help cater for all kinds of presenters.


Christmas Clipart and Icons

As mentioned earlier there are 2 slides with icons and sample clipart which you can really make use of. These icons and clipart are of high-quality, which makes it possible for you to copy and use the clipart and icons to create infographics, content slides and to add some color to your presentation deck.


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