Animated Bubbles PowerPoint Template

Cascading bubbles is the name of a PowerPoint template with bubble themed slides with animations and creatively designed layouts. This Animated Bubbles PowerPoint Template contains sequential slides, with cascading bubble animations to help you highlight your presentation’s key content using colorful animations.

Cascading Bubble Animations

The common thing in sample slides that you would notice in this template are the cascading bubbles. The animated bubbles pop up on screen and your content is loaded upon mouse-click or when you use the clicker.

animated bubbles powerpoint template

Create a Company History Timeline

You can explain your company’s history or create a timeline using the colorful bubble timeline slide given in this template. The sample slides also have placeholders for you to add a custom company logo. You can also edit slide elements according to need by selecting them or via drag and drop.

bubbles timeline

Create Custom Diagrams & Creatively Depict Trends

Some of the initial slides provide sample layouts to enable companies and individuals to introduce their services, project or company history, as well as to create comparisons or infographics out of slides created using PowerPoint shapes.

cascading design

Some of the generic layouts can be used for making diagrams, creating infographics or presenting your content in an easy to grasp layout. There are sample icons which you can use or replace according to need. The cascading bubble animations remain consistent in all these slides to make your slides more attractive.

cascading diagram

While you can add your own tables and charts, you can also make use of the creatively designed bubble chart slide for presenting financial information. The bubbles can be added or removed to depict the size of the chart. For example, you can increase bubbles where the chart has to display more of something, such as money or reduce the bubbles where the amount is less. The below image shows the sample version of this slide. The chart slide, such as the one shown below can also help you creatively depict your data and trends.

financial slide

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