Animated Broadcast PowerPoint Template

Want to make a presentation related to communication, broadcasting, satellites, GPS or wireless networks? The Animated Broadcast PowerPoint Template is just what you need.

Animated Template With Customizable Broadcast Based Slides

The slides in this animated presentation template contains both static and animated slides with images of a satellite beaming signals back to earth. Various slides depict these signals being transmitted to different types of locations.

animated broadcast powerpoint template

Create Slides That Perfectly Match Your Needs

Various slide layouts make it possible to choose and create a setting that is matched to your requirements. Whether you require making a technical presentation about satellites or broadcasting, have to prepare a tutorial or wish to present an educational presentation related to signals, GPS, broadcasting and other similar topics, this template can be adjusted to suit your needs.

satellite powerpoint template

Diverse Slide Layouts With Interesting Animations

The diverse set of animated slides provide different settings with satellite images, broadcasting and communication themed animations. Each of these animated slides have relevant placeholders which can help you add your own content, which will then play with the animations. Alternatively, you can opt for the static slides in the template and even mix both animated and static slides.

Other than default placeholders, you can also insert additional textboxes, images and customize the slides to your liking.

gps animated slide

Communication And Broadcasting Clipart Images

The template also features various useful clipart images. Using this artwork you can create custom slides by copy-pasting the images. You can also recolor and resize these images in PowerPoint.

broadcasting clipart images

This animated presentation template is compatible with both Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint, including the below mentioned versions:

  • PowerPoint for PC (2007-2013)
  • PowerPoint for Mac (2008-2011)
  • Keynote 09 for Mac and iPad

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