Animated Black PowerPoint Template

Some of us like using a shade of black in our presentation backgrounds. Black is a color that can help add some style to a presentation deck, while keeping the content more focused. this is especially true for presentations that have a black background. For those of you looking for a black PowerPoint template, The New Black Animated PowerPoint Template is a template worth checking out.

Animated Black Slide Designs

The template contains a few animated and some static slides. The animated black layouts can help you make your content stand out by simply inserting relevant information to the given animated placeholders.

animated black powerpoint template

You can look into the simple instructions given within slides to edit the customizable layouts. You can replace images, change object colors and reshape elements in slides according to need.

black powerpoint template

Sample Customizable Diagrams

There are a variety of sample diagrams that you can edit to give them a look and feel of your choice. These generic diagrams can help you present different concepts related to your topic which might include; timelines, data charts, comparisons, lists, etc.

black template with colored list

These diagrams have been created in such a way that you can easily edit them to make them instantly relevant to your presentation topic. Furthermore, you can even insert additional photos, clipart, SmartArt and charts to design the given sample slides.

geneirc diagram

A Complete Set of Icons

The icons set given in this template touches upon any topic you can imagine. The icons include images that are used symbolically for a plethora of topics, with some icons representing more than one theme. For example, a light bulb is often used as a symbol for a bright idea, however, it can also be used for other topics such as; technology, and innovation.

icons slide with different symbols

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