Animated Six Sigma PowerPoint Template

One of the most famous management techniques is Six Sigma. The core purpose of Six Sigma is to reduce defects and errors. This is done using various key elements such as focus (improvement), philosophy (outputs are controlled by inputs), measure of success (3.4 defects per million), approach and fuel (methodology). Animated Six Sigma PowerPoint Template is an animated presentation template for discussing Six Sigma techniques.

animated six sigma powerpoint template

Six Sigma Themed PowerPoint Template

There are various slide layouts in this template that allow you to create Six Sigma themed slides to discuss its key elements, application, and core concepts. The animation sequences set in these slides load your added information in an animated format automatically.

six sigma powerpoint template

Six Sigma Diagrams & Infographics

The template lays the ground for sample Six Sigma infographics and diagrams which can be edited according to need. For example, the slide in the image below shows the DMAIC Circle. DMAIC stands for; define, measure, analyze, improve and control. This method is meant to improve processes.

dmaic circle

Similarly, you can discuss DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design and verify) using the slide shown below. The template comprehensively covers all major aspects of Six Sigma. Be it the key elements, or Six Sigma approaches.

dmadv process

Editable Sample Slides

There are also slides with a more generic tone, which can be used for discussing the benefits of Six Sigma in the form of a simple diagram that you can explain to your audience. Moreover, you can also edit other slides with a more specific theme to reshape it into another subtopic.

six sigma roadmap

With a set of 15 content and 1 clipart slide, you get enough resources to be able to create a Six Sigma theme presentation using attractive graphics and subtle animations. The slides are easy enough to edit and the colors in the template are toned in a way to add enough visual appeal to keep the audience interested.

six sigma icons

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