Share Digital PowerPoint Handouts With Your Audience Via Web With SlideFlight

Sharing PowerPoint handouts with an audience can help them keep track of content within your slides and to better understand your presentation. However, printing handouts can be both laborious and wasteful; especially if you have a large number of people in your audience to cater to. Sharing digital handouts instead can be a more effective method. SlideFlight is a PowerPoint add-in which makes it possible to share digital handouts with your audience so they can follow your slides Live from any internet connected device.

SlideFlight add-in for sharing PowerPoint digital handouts

How to Share Digital PowerPoint Handouts Using SlideFlight

Before we dwell into how you can share digital PowerPoint handouts using SlideFlight, it is worth mentioning here that this functionality also exists by default in PowerPoint via the Office Presentation Service. However, SlideFlight provides some additional features that make sharing PowerPoint digital handouts more convenient for presenters.

To get started, download and install the SlideFlight add-in for PowerPoint. You might get a prompt to install VisualStudio, if it isn’t already installed on your computer.

After installation you will see a new tab on the Ribbon menu with options like the ones shown below. Make sure you’re logged in with your account.

SlideFlight add-in for PowerPoint

In case you don’t have a Slide Flight account, you can instantly create one via the SlideFlight Login button from the Ribbon menu. You can either register for a new account or use your Facebook account for a quick sign up.

Sign up for SlideFlight

Exclude Slides from Digital Handouts & Set Presentation Availability Limit

As mentioned earlier, SlideFlight gives a few additional options not offered by the default presentation sharing feature in PowerPoint. These features include; the option to exclude specific slides from the shared handouts and the option to set a limit for sharing your presentation. Furthermore, SlideFlight also provides a default slide which shows the code that participants can enter to start viewing digital handouts.

Excluding Slides: You can pick which slides to exclude via Exclude Slides button from the SlideFlight tab in the Ribbon menu.

Exclude slides from handouts

Presentation availability & default slide settings: By going to Settings, you can set a date by which the slides can be viewed and also the slide on which you would like to show the default slide (e.g. first or last).

Set date for sharing slides

Publishing & Sharing Slides Online

To start sharing your presentation, click Publish Slides. This will upload your presentation to SlideFlight and give you a sharing code.

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Start presentation

A new read only file of your presentation will be saved to a separate location and the original file will be closed and replaced with the new file to preserve your original presentation.

Share slides with SlideFlight

You can use the default slide as your opening slide to alert your audience to go to the SlideFlight website via their mobile devices or laptops to enter the given code for viewing your slides. Your audience can also use the Android and iOS apps to follow your slides or simply use a web browser (without the need to sign up) for viewing your slides online.

Share slides using SlightFlight code

The below image shows a sample presentation we used to test out SlideFlight options. We entered the given code via Android web browser at the SlideFlight website and were able to successfully follow slides being broadcasted from a PC.

Shared digital handouts

SlideFlight has features somewhat similar to other web apps of its kind. Many of these apps like Prezentt, Presentain and Preso TV come with slightly different features. Moreover, Services like Preso TV are free, unlike SlideFlight, which is a paid add-in that you can try out for free on a 30 day trial basis to test out its functionality.

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