Animated Astrological Symbols For PowerPoint

Last updated on November 6th, 2023

Astrology has been around for centuries. This study of cosmic objects stems from ancient civilizations reading signs based on what they saw in the skies. These astrological symbols used in astrology play a vital role in understanding astrological representations. In presentations, you can use astrological symbols to add more meaning to your slides. The Animated Astrological Symbols for PowerPoint are a series of astrological symbols designed for use in presentations.

Animated Astrological Symbols Clipart

These animated symbols help make your slides look beautiful and dynamic because of their animated form. These symbols can be downloaded as s.

Animated Astrological Symbols Clipart

Animated Capricorn Symbol for PowerPoint

These animated symbols from Presenter Media are specially made for PowerPoint, so you don’t have to open and use another program or software to manipulate them before transferring to PowerPoint. You can directly insert symbols to any part of your presentation using the Insert ->Symbols option in PowerPoint.

These symbols are represented as an UTF8 character, thus allowing for a variety of astrological symbols that you will not necessarily find in the conventional keyboard character set. The special character set contains various symbols representing astrological signs and zodiac signs, such as Capricorn, Pisces, and Gemini. You can also browse other astrological symbols such as Cancer, Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Taurus, and so many more.

Animated Capricorn Symbol for PowerPoint

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Capricorn Symbol for PowerPoint

Animated Cancer Symbol for PowerPoint

These animated symbols are professionally created by designers from PresenterMedia. This online portal is filled with premium presentation templates, clipart, backgrounds, diagrams, and many other resources for all presenters.

At the Presenter Media website, you can search for the astrological symbol that you want. The site also provides a preview of the animation so you know how exactly it would look like in your presentation. Furthermore, you can customize the animated symbols in many ways. You can choose the color, size, and format that you want. While the default is blue with a 3D bevel design, you can change the color to match your presentation’s color scheme and theme.

Right within the page of your chosen symbol, you can adjust the Brightness, Saturation, Shadow, and Reflection of the clipart. You can also change the color with the Adjust Color function where you can populate a custom color picker. You can also adjust the Tint.

The astrological symbols are animated with a continuously rotating movement. You can adjust the loops to make the rotation infinite or limit the number to 2 up to 6 rotations.

You can also choose the image size from Small, Medium, Large, and Custom. You can also adjust the height depending on your own needs. If you want your edited symbol to have the same background as your own presentation, you can make the background of the symbol clear. You can also choose any other background color if you want your symbol to stand out in your slides. The finished symbol can then be downloaded as GIF or MOV file.

Animated Cancer Symbol for PowerPoint

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Cancer Symbol for PowerPoint

Animated Gemini Symbol for PowerPoint

All these customization options allow you complete freedom to manipulate the symbols and make it truly yours. This function is important especially in business presentations where branding is important. Still, these astrological symbols can be used also for school and personal use. You can use these symbols in presentations on math or science. You can also use them for themed events as a background set on the event with the help of a projector.

Animated Gemini Symbol for PowerPoint

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Gemini Symbol PowerPoint Template

What’s great about these Presenter Media animated astrological symbols is that you can use and reuse the symbols on all kinds of presentations easily. You can also change the colors and other features of the symbols to suit any design.

You can download more dynamic and stunning Astrological Symbols, templates, and animated cliparts from Presenter Media in the link below.

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