Animated Medical Comparison PowerPoint Template

Sometimes doctors require giving patients a comparison of the options they have for medical treatment, diet to control a certain ailment and the types of medication that can be offered. Some procedures and medications might have more side effects and long-term health related repercussions than others. Such a comparison can be drawn out in the form of PowerPoint slides to make the content easier to grasp for patients. The Animated Medical Comparison PowerPoint Template is themed around healthcare.

Animated Medical Comparison PowerPoint Template

Create Healthcare Comparisons and Infographics

The slides in this template are handy for creating comparisons related to health related aspects, such as the pros and cons of certain medications and treatments, diet, etc. You can use the comparison slides to create infographics and comparisons.

Medical Comparison

Visual Aid to Help Healthcare Professionals

The template uses imagery such as medical diagrams to help make it easier to convey a visual message to the one viewing the presentation. The slides can be edited in such a way that adding small amounts of text can make it easier for healthcare professionals to convey a message to someone who might not be as well versed as them.

Medical Infographic

Health Related Timelines

As a healthcare professional you might also want to create timelines which can be used for a number of reasons when addressing health related issues, the effect of certain medicines or the progression of a disease. The template gives slides which can be easily converted into a timeline. You can also extend such a timeline by duplicating slides. Since the content is loaded in animated format; you can reveal your timeline elements upon mouse-click. This can make it easier to explain each part of the timeline one by one.

Medical Timeline

There are 9 sample slides and some that come with instructions for editing the content in this animated template. The template is available for download via PresenterMedia.

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