Animated ADKAR PowerPoint Template

People are always hesitant in the face of change. Change means getting out of their comfort zones. Change also may mean facing something new, something they’re not used to, something they may not be good at. However, as the cliche goes, the only constant thing in life is change. In business, and actually, even in life, this sought-after model has helped many organizations drive change and emerge successfully. After all, without change, organizations may run the risk of becoming stagnant. Like in life, it is only in change that organizations or businesses can grow. Change management is essential, and this key model has proven to be effective. This model can be best understood in the form of the Animated ADKAR PowerPoint Template.

Vibrant ADKAR Model of Change Template

Sought-After Model for Managing Change Successfully

The ADKAR model is one of the most reliable and widely used models for change management. It is backed by 20 years’ worth of research and stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement.

To elaborate, Awareness (A) involves acknowledging that there is a need for change. For many organizations, this can be difficult. They may be used to doing things a certain way, such as making use of legacy systems that are outdated. In their minds, they may think that if it’s not broken, then there’s no use fixing it. However, they don’t see the new opportunities change may benefit them.

Desire (D) to support the change comes next, as this comes after realizing that there really needs to be a change that has to take place, and it should come with a follow-through. This requires commitment and determination. Then, knowing how to change must come next. You must have the Knowledge (K) to undergo the change that you want. There must be a plan and strategy on how you will make it happen so that you will have your desired outcome. What needs to go and what needs to stay in order to sustain the change must be determined as well.

The Ability (A) to demonstrate the skills and behaviors necessary to pull off this change must be present. The knowledge must be backed by actions. Then, lastly, Reinforcement (R) comes so that the change will be sustained over time.

Present the ADKAR Change Model in Various Ways

Showcase Your ADKAR Model for Change

With the template, every aspect of the ADKAR model is shown in various ways. The template can work as is, or you can add your own slides to further explain every step in your change management process. Any of the ADKAR slide templates may be used as-is or separately in support of your presentation. It is best to choose the most appropriate layout considering the information you have. There are different ways to present your information. You can just present ADKAR with each having a short description and a corresponding icon.

Professionally Created Graphics and Animations

There’s also another layout that shows other data, with more opportunities for a detailed description. There’s also a Change Model slide showing ADKAR in a circular graph. What’s great about this template is that it’s very bright and vivid, yet it can be easily customized to suit your branding or if you have an already existing template. You may also further tweak some formatting properties to fully personalize the slides.

While this AKDAR approach to change may be mind-boggling for some. Just like all other premium templates available in the portal, the Animated ADKAR PowerPoint Template is professionally designed and specially created for PowerPoint.

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