The ADKAR model in Change Management provides a more efficient and interactive approach to understanding and changing habits in order to get the desired business result. Are you having trouble coming up with a good presentation on Change Management using ADKAR model and slides? Here are some articles related to ADKAR change management model. Just download and modify as necessary.

Animated ADKAR PowerPoint Template

Vibrant ADKAR Model of Change Template

People are always hesitant in the face of change. Change means getting out of their comfort zones. Change also may mean facing something new, something they’re not used to, something they may not be good at. However, as the cliche goes, the only constant thing in life is change. In business, and actually, even in …

In this section you can find ADKAR model slides for presentations, but if you are interested to learn more about ADKAR we recommend to check our ADKAR Article on Change Management.