All You Need To Know About The Google Nexus Player

A Nexus Player is a home media player for streaming Netflix and playing games on your TV. After the disappearance of DVD players, Blu-ray player etc; the Google Nexus Player is the latest candidate for decorating the living room with a useful physical media.

Google Nexus Player

Here is a list of some important things that you all need to know about the Google Nexus Player:


The latest nexus player features Google Cast support, this is the reason that this wonderful product becomes the most desired among the Chromecast fans. This amazing feature enables you to ping Cast-ready apps including Vevo, DailyBurn and Now TV to your telly using the Nexus Player.

Google Play on your Telly

Using this wonderful Google product, you will be able to get the Google Play on your TV in a very simple and easy manner. This allows you to download and view your favorite movies and TV shows from a library of thousands of titles using your Google Player.

Gaming Console

Google Nexus Player is considered as the best games console when compared with other products like Amazon’s Fire TV or Apple TV. You can easily use the Nexus Player’s remote for playing your favourite casual titles, or pick up an Asus-built controller for playing the complex games.

Get More Apps

This wonderful product is also identified as an apps platform by Google. The apps available at the launch include YouTube, Netflix, the ubiquitous TED and TuneIn that can be easily used. Others like Red Bull TV, Dramafever, and HGTV Watch can also be downloaded using this wonderful device.

Voice Commands

With the rising popularity of the Google voice control trends, the Google Nexus Player is not an exception. The remote of this wonderful device consists of mic button that enables voice search. You can simply use the voice search to find your favorite movies, songs etc from your library of films and TV.

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