Using Wireless Screen Mirroring for Office & When Working from Home

wireless screen mirroring devices

Since a lot of the tasks people now perform are via smartphone or tablets, wireless screen mirroring can be an effective mechanism for saving time by broadcasting your mobile device to a large screen. As more people require working from home amidst the changing trends fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, wireless screen mirroring for remote …

How To Mirror Smartphone Or Tablet To Wirelessly Present A Presentation

screen mirroring from smart devices to computers and screen sharing

Some presenters who require traveling from one venue to another to frequently deliver presentations often end up with body pains. This is especially true if you are always carrying a heavy laptop around. Regardless of how good your fitness routine is; carrying around a laptop can result in anything from shoulder and wrist injuries to problems with …

Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Roku Stick Vs Google Chromecast

Today, for watching networked content and streaming media services, tethering of a box to HDTV is not required. Various sticks have been launched in the global market to let you experience such content and Amazon Fire TV, Roku Stick and Google Chromecast are the best choices available to us.

Top 3 Best Media Streaming Devices

Digital media is immensely gaining popularity and has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Media streaming devices are the most popular and today they can be found in more houses than ever before. This is the reason that a number of companies are producing different kinds of media streaming products.