How to Download Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes it can be very helpful to add a nice video background to your PowerPoint presentation to make it more realistic and delight your audience with awesome videos and animated PowerPoint presentations. By default, the PowerPoint templates in Microsoft PowerPoint won’t incorporate any video or advanced animation into your slides, unless you add your own …

Top 3 Best Media Streaming Devices

Digital media is immensely gaining popularity and has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Media streaming devices are the most popular and today they can be found in more houses than ever before. This is the reason that a number of companies are producing different kinds of media streaming products.

Create Multimedia Presentations On iPad With Presentics App

Presentics is a presentation app for iPad which serves as a viable alternative to Keynote and PowerPoint for making multimedia presentations. In previous reviews we have already touched upon the utility of using various presentation apps for iDevices, ranging from Apple’s Keynote to SlideShark, SlidePocket, Doodlecast Pro and Microsoft’s very own Office Mobile For Office …