All You Need To Know About Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Last updated on June 21st, 2024

Running a visual display to advertise your brand and to attract customers with those catchy sales pitches was once quite expensive. It required using a computer, display screen and an external media player, all of which were not quite reliable to run 24/7 without major hiccups. As digital signage technology evolved, we have finally entered an era where there is no need for the aforementioned and the cost of digital advertisment displays has also gone down. Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform is one such example.

What is Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform?

Samsung’s Smart Signage platform is meant to be a cost-effective solution for small businesses to display digital signage in a hassle free way. It is available in 40 and 48 inch versions, SSTV screens come with MagicInfo Express, which is a content management, digital signage software solution, and can be used as a digital signage app for Smart TV.

Samsung Digital Signage and TV Solutions

Schedule Digital Advertisements

It allows business owners to schedule their digital displays to ensure that the desired advertisement is played at the set time. For instance, if you are a business owner you can use the SSTV to display a sales advertisement in your shop by placing it at the entrance or some other pivotal point, such as a section of your store where the items are on sale.

Digital signage solution by Samsung

Cost-Effective Digital Signage Solution

Unlike other brands such as LG’s Smart TV which can cost $849 for a 42 inch model, you can use Samsung’s Smart Signage TV for $749 for a 40 inch screen or a 48 inch model for $999. Furthermore, SSTV comes with Samsung’s 3 year warranty and unlike models from LG or Panasonic’s 4K TV, it is specialized for digital signage only. This seems like a good move by Samsung, as small business owners have little use of spending extra money for buying a Smart TV with extra features for displaying digital signage.


Of course, you can also opt for open source digital signage solutions like Xibo. However, SSTV helps get rid of the extra hardware cost which comes associated with such platforms. Plus SSTV also consumes less energy because of its integrated platform, which can’t be bad for a small business owner.

Samsung Digital Signage Display mechanism

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (Introductory Video)

You can find out more about SSTV from the introductory video given below.

To find out more about the features and utility of Samsung’s Digital Signage Platform, head over to the Samsung website.

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