What is Scope Creep and How to Overcome it

scope creep

The scope of a project determines the work required for the project. However, the scope of the project can often go off-track, with additional demands, plans and features creeping into the project over its life-cycle. This scope creep can ruin projects, result in cost overruns and even lead to the failure of the project.

How to Grow Your Business With AARRR Model & Best PowerPoint Templates

Launching your own product isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’s not just cutthroat competition which might weigh you down. New entrepreneurs can find it hard to get the basics right and that can result in a failed business venture. AARRR model provides a mechanism to help your business grow and be successful over a …

Outlook Customer Manager Makes Customer Management More Convenient

When it comes to customer relations, your organization is only as good as how you treat your last customer. This is why it’s important to build and cultivate meaningful relationships with your customer base. This is why Outlook Customer Manager helps you be on top of your customer management tasks.

All You Need To Know About Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Running a visual display to advertise your brand and to attract customers with those catchy sales pitches was once quite expensive. It required using a computer, display screen and an external media player, all of which were not quite reliable to run 24/7 without major hiccups. As digital signage technology evolved, we have finally entered …

Transform Your Website To A Personalized Live Site For Clients With vCita

Having a website has become quite a necessary tool even for small and medium size businesses. Websites are no longer limited to large corporate entities, as even a local retailer can sell goods more efficiently using an online store. However, many websites lack the personalized feel that is required to engage customers and to turn …

10 Presentation Tips to Make Your PowerPoint More Customer-Focused

In a business life, when you are planning to give PowerPoint Presentations, it becomes imperative for you to convey valuable information to your prospects or customers. Only then, you will be able to build trust with your audience and most importantly can differentiate your business from others effectively. Inspired in the article published by Xerox …