8+ Best Editable Business Canvas Templates for PowerPoint (2022)

Last updated on September 16th, 2021

Canvas design presentation templates are used for depicting business models with specific details such as; partners, resources, activities, sales channels, value propositions and customer relationships. It’s similar to the Logical Framework or Result Based Management Models which are used for presenting the different stages of a project. Here are 5+ Best Editable Business Canvas Templates for PowerPoint. You can use these templates for presenting all major parts of your business model within cohesive slide layouts.

1. Lean Canvas PowerPoint Template

Create a professional Lean Canvas slide with this 100% editable Lean Canvas template for PowerPoint & Google Slides. The Lean Canvas slides come in two versions, one with white background and another Lean Canvas slide with a dark gray background.

Lean Canvas slide template for PowerPoint and Google Slides with dark background

2. Product Canvas Template for PowerPoint

A product canvas is used to visualize the product and business goals side by side to determine the target market, and present the feasibility and ideas related of a product. This product canvas template presents numerous slides to help you lay out your product canvas in the form of PowerPoint slides.

As you can see from the image below, you can present your vision, key resources, product, customer segments, customer structure and revenue streams to create a layout your product canvas.

Product Canvas Template for PowerPoint

3. 3D Business Model Canvas Template

This is a 3D template that presents a canvas in the form of three dimensional slide designs. The numerous slides are dedicated to each aspect of the canvas. As you switch from one slide to another, a new segment turns red, allowing you to discuss each part of your canvas one by one.

4. Editable Business Model Canvas Design for PowerPoint

This editable business model canvas slide deck comes laden with icons, and canvas layouts to enable presenters to not only present their canvas as PowerPoint slides but to also label each key aspect of the canvas with an appropriate icon. There is also a slide in this template with an icons set to help you customize your canvas slides.

Free business model canvas design for PowerPoint

5. Free Business Model Canvas Template with Sticky Notes

This sticky note-style presentation template provides colorful slides with space for adding text to design your canvas slides. The colorful sticky notes are not only attention-grabbing but can also help you highlight different aspects of your presentation using various colors. This is a free template and therefore comes with a minimalist slide design. However, the slide deck is adequate for designing a basic business model canvas.

Free business model canvas Template

6. Free Lean Canvas PowerPoint Template

An adaptation of the business model canvas is lean canvas. A lean canvas consists of key metrics, problems, solutions, and competitive advantages. This Free Lean Canvas PowerPoint Template provides a single slide with editable objects to help you design a lean canvas in PowerPoint using a sticky note style slide.

Free editable lean canvas template for PowerPoint - 4x3 format

7. Free Business Model Canvas Template Multi-Color Styles

The orange business model canvas PowerPoint template is a free slide design for presentations featuring an editable business model canvas that is inspired by the Lean Canvas. The template contains different blocks like Key Partners, Key Activities, Value Proposition section, Key Resources, Customer Relationships, Channels, Customer Segments with editable sticky notes or 3M notes in PowerPoint. The business model canvas is also compatible with Google Slides and Keynote. It can also be imported as a Canva presentation.

Free Business Model Canvas Template Slide for PowerPoint

In the bottom of the slide, individuals can enter the Cost Structure and Revenue Streams. This template is suitable for entrepreneurs and small business startups looking to present a pitch deck to an audience.

8. Flat Value Proposition Canvas PowerPoint Template

You can use this template for designing and presenting a product canvas or just a value proposition canvas. The sample slides provide editable objects which can be copied individually for redesigning slides or creating new ones. With icons, content slides, and sample diagrams this is a comprehensive template for making canvas slides in PowerPoint.

Editable business canvas templates for powerpoint

Whether you’re making a business model canvas, lean canvas, or wish to design slides with individual aspects of such canvases, such as a value proposition canvas; the editable business canvas templates for PowerPoint recommended above can help you design your canvas slides with 2D and 3D layouts.

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