Zoho Show: Create Online Presentations

Zoho Show is another free alternative to create online presentations. You can use Zoho Show online and create slides for your next presentation. This is part of the suite of applications provided by Zoho, which include also alternatives to Office programs like spreadsheets, word processing documents and more.

Zoho includes a collection of different applications for business, productivity and online collaboration. Zoho Show is part of the productivity tools that you can get online.

You can see a demo slideshow here. Productivity apps also include other useful applications like Calendar, Planner, Sheet, Notebook and Writer. You can also use Zoho Viewer and if you are regular user of Microsoft products you can download the free Zoho plugin for Microsoft Office, which will integrate your Office programs with Zoho capabilities to upload documents and share online. With Zoho Plug-in for Microsoft Office you can edit your documents stored in Zoho using the familiar Microsoft Office.

The suite of programs from Zoho also include other applications like online CRM, Planner, Zoho Challenge, and more.