Zoho Challenge: Conduit online tests for free

Zoho Challenge is one of the easiest way to create, deliver and manage online tests. The service is quite intuitive, useful and always up to the task. By using Zoho Challenge you can conduit online tests easily. You are minutes away from publishing your first online test as soon as you create your free account or sign in using your Google account or social login. Start off by creating a test using Zoho Challenge. Each test can deliver from a rich variety of questions.

Also Zoho Challenge allows you to tag your questions and save them for later use in other tests.

zoho challenge

As soon as you create the first test and assign a few questions, you can assign the test and configure the test settings, for example to choose the duration (fixed or indefinite) or the specific interval where the test can be accessed.

Conduit online tests for free

The assignment can be saved and then you will get an URL to share the test with your students or users. Here is an example of tests we have created: https://challenge.zoho.com/fpptfppt

Finally, you can get test reports with detailed information about the attended candidates, total passed, total failed, pending for evaluation, yet to start the test and attending tests in progress.

Zoho Challenge is a free online tool that educators and teachers can use to conduit online tests with their students. It is free up to 100 participants, but if you need more capabilities you can paid for an upgrade.