10 Best Online File Sharing Services

While there are a wide range of file sharing services, many of them don’t offer convenient options to share all types of files. While we have previously brought you many posts that covered online file sharing review for various services, we thought it would be a good idea to single out some fine services to help our readers choose the best sources for sharing different kinds of files. With the help of the below mentioned services you can share anything from your PowerPoint presentations, office documents, photos to heavy multimedia files.

What is File sharing?

Before we move on to the list of file sharing services, let’s take a look at some dynamics of online file sharing. Many of you might be aware that file sharing in computing terms entails the activity of sharing files across various digital devices or via the internet. For example, sharing a file from your mobile device to your laptop is file sharing, similarly, emailing someone a file or sending a user a URL to view or download content also comes under the realm of file sharing. While this might appear as quite a basic concept, it is surprising that many novice users are yet to grasp the utility of advanced file sharing and cloud storage services. Whether you are an advanced or intermediate computer user or are new to using a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, the below mentioned services should help you find the best possible match to suit your file sharing needs.

File Sharing Services


Although it is primarily considered to be a cloud storage service, you can also share your files from your Dropbox account. Dropbox offers 2 GB of free cloud storage space and you can get additional space by inviting other users or by opting for a paid package. For more details, see our posts about Dropbox or create a free Dropbox account.

Dropbox Sharing Options


This is another Dropbox like service which offers up to 5GB of free cloud storage space, with the option to share files online. Like Dropbox, you can increase storage by inviting your friends or by buying a paid package.

Go to SugarSync

SugarSync Share Files


DropSend is a cloud storage and file sharing service which is even easier to use than Dropbox and SugarSync. Users can simply specify an email address for the recipient and select a file to share (up to 2GB per transfer). Selected files are uploaded to the DropSend servers and a URL for downloading the file is emailed to the recipient. Moreover, the file is saved to the online account of the user. For more details, see our Review of DropSend.

DropSend File Sharing Service


While DropSend allows sending files as heavy as 2GB per transfer, TransferBigFiles provides the utility to send files as heavy as 25GB. This makes it an ideal service to share large files. For more details, see our Review of TransferBigFiles.


Google Drive

Google Drive is perhaps one of the most widely used services for saving and sharing MS Office and other types of files. While it is basically a cloud storage service, you can also share documents with other users and collaborate with them online. For a complete overview, see our Review of Google Drive.

Google Drive


Similar to Google Drive in nature, Box also provides an easy mechanism for sharing and saving Microsoft Office documents online. More details can be found from our posts about Box.



When it comes to file sharing, the most tricky part can be to share PowerPoint presentations, as services like Google Drive can easily end up ruining the look of the uploaded presentation. This is why it is easier to use a service like SlideOnline to get the job done. Using SlideOnline you can instantly transform your PowerPoint presentations and PDF files into online presentations.

Go to SlideOnline

SlideOnline Presentation

Send Anywhere

This is another good service to share large files as it provides peer-to-peer file sharing using a secure key or QR code. Send Anywhere can not only be used from a browser but also has apps for Android and iOS devices. For a walkthrough of this service, see our Review of SendAnywhere.

Send Anywhere


If you have ever shared or downloaded shared files, the chances are that you might have used MediaFire. It is a web service which provides cloud storage and file sharing options for all types of files. MediaFire offers 10GB of cloud storage for free accounts and you can get as much as 500GB if you buy the Pro package. MediaFire is not only a good service for cloud storage but can be extremely handy for quickly sharing all kinds of files. Like most cloud storage services, MediaFire has applications for various desktop and mobile platforms like Windows, Mac Linux, iOS and Android.

Go to MediaFire



Hotfile is another famous file sharing service for securely sharing large files in a click. Hotfile allows sharing files up to 400MB, including split archives.

Go to Hotfile


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