What’s New in PowerPoint 15.17 for Mac

Last updated on February 25th, 2024

The new upgrade 15.17 available in Microsoft Office for Mac introduces two new features for PowerPoint users along with bug fixes.

Insert screenshots in PowerPoint for Mac

1. Insert Screenshot

Now, you can take simple screen captures of any open application, clip a portion of the screen, and then insert the graphics into your PowerPoint slides. This feature was already available in PowerPoint for Windows but Mac users needed to rely on a 3rd. party software or the Mac built-in screenshot tool, insert the screenshots into the slides. Now, it is possible to directly create demo presentations or tutorials of your favorite software in PowerPoint.

To insert a new screenshot, look for the Screenshot button under Insert menu.


Then, a new popup will appear with all the windows you have open on your computer. you can click Screen Clipping to define the region in your computer from where you want to take the screenshot.

Insert Screenshots in PowerPoint for Mac

Pro Tip: If you want to use Screen Clipping option in PowerPoint for Windows, take a look at our article How to Take Screenshots in PowerPoint for Windows.

2. Open OpenDocument Presentation Files in PowerPoint for Mac

Until this upgrade, if you wanted to open a presentation created in OpenOffice or LibreOffice Impress, you needed to install the software on your computer. But now you can open it directly from PowerPoint. PowerPoint introduced a new file format in the Mac version that lets you open .odp OpenDocument Presentation files and convert them to PowerPoint. Unfortunately, you cannot save it back to an odp, but this is a new feature for users who want to open or view an existing odp presentation in PowerPoint.

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