Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Template For Word

Getting volunteers for your cause can be a challenging task. Recruiting the right people and convincing them to volunteer their time and energy, is important for your campaign to thrive. After all, its success means the success of your organization’s cause, which would in turn benefit people in your community, school, or workplace.

Sign Up Volunteers for a Cause

To help get you started, Microsoft Office has a Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Template for Word that you can use to get people to sign up for your cause. Whether you have a clean-up drive, call for recycling, packing and giving out relief goods after a disaster, teaching street children, or having a blood drive, this Volunteer Sign Up Sheet will be a helpful tool.

This Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Template has a header in big, bold letters that say, “I Want You To Volunteer”. This invites anyone to sign up and lets them know immediately that you need them for a cause. Underneath is a list where people’s names and contact information can be filled in. The list have adequate space for people to write their names and information by hand.

Printer-Friendly Sign Up Form

In this Volunteer Sign Up Sheet, volunteers can write their Name, Home Phone Number, Cellphone Number, Email Address, Area of Expertise or Interest, and Days or Times Available. This helps you keep a good, detailed record of volunteers for instances when you have other volunteer activities in the future. Knowing your volunteers’ activities would make it easy for you to assign them to tasks or programs where they can excel in, or use their skills, helping you make your campaign more successful. Having a record of their availability would also help you determine the best times to conduct your programs, or schedule activities where your volunteers can attend and fully participate in.

Fill Up by Hand or in Your Computer

You can also use this Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Template for Word if you plan to recruit your volunteers online. You can email this sheet to your friends, colleagues, and family members. You can also upload this on your organization’s website for people to sign in, or they can print it for themselves and encourage their friends and family as well.

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