Vokul: The Next Generation Of Voice Control For Smart Devices

Vokul is a popular voice control assistant that is similar to Siri, but provides you with a number of advanced features allowing you to make efficient voice calls.

Following are some of the amazing features that you need to know about Vokul- the next generation of voice control for smart devices.

Complete Hands Free Voice Control

This amazing app has been basically intended for text messaging, hands-free calling and controlling media for your Smart devices including iPhone; everything with a user’s voice, just in the same way as Siri.

Vokul voice assistant

 Simple Voice Commands With Full Media Access

Vokul is different from Siri in a number of ways and encloses numerous features for you allowing you to make the best voice calling, which Siri was unable to provide. This wonderful app is truly hands-free and you do not need to touch the device screen for issuing voice commands.

The other exciting feature about Vokul is “always listening” that enables you to focus on your tasks as you do not need to click on any buttons. The all speech recognition feature of this app provides you a faster and reliable voice control experience. Also, using this wonderful application, even if the audio is playing, you will have full access of the media player using voice commands.

Vokul for iOS

The other special thing about Vokul is that it is the first hands free voice control app for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Not only limited for calling, it also allows you to play your favorite music and video albums without ever having to lift a finger and touch the screen. Vokul’s hands free feature can be easily enabled by tapping on the ear icon. You just need to call “hey vokul”, this amazing app gets into function on recognizing this phrase and then you can tell your request without having the need to click any button.

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