Unveiling PresenterMedia Add-In for PowerPoint

Last updated on September 7th, 2023

PresenterMedia is one of the best PowerPoint templates provider that offers you a monthly or annual subscription model to get access to thousands of premium PowerPoint templates, 3D resources and PowerPoint animations. The aforementioned can be used for creating awesome and professional looking PowerPoint presentations.

Recently, PresenterMedia launched a new add-in, which is available for free (for current members) and allows any user to access premium PowerPoint templates and clipart directly from within PowerPoint. If you have a subscription plan with PresenterMedia, this add-in can be downloaded and installed in MS PowerPoint. With the help of this handy add-in, you can easily design attractive and eye-catching presentations in no time.

presenter media addin
Example of PowerPoint Add-in by PresenterMedia

You can not only search, browse and instantly download MS PowerPoint templates but also fully customize them. PowerPoint will open the template from PresenterMedia data bank and allow you to customize it to suit your needs. In this example, we can see Box Diagrams and Animations that can be used for making awesome presentations on logistics, business presentations with animations, as well as presentations on other topics such as trading and shipping.

With PresenterMedia Add-in you can get access to all PresenterMedia content and resources directly from within PowerPoint.

As we can see below, once the template is downloaded, the 3D elements and shapes can be easily edited.

download free presentermedia addin

Each template comes with lot of different slides that can be customized. In this example, the PPT template has a master slide template and eight different internal slides.

  • Three stage box diagram
  • Box diagram with map
  • Three stage box layout
  • Logistics diagram with 3D transportation icons
  • Logistics diagram with process flow
  • Grid elements including flight transportation, truck, van, trade agent, air mail, and more.
free presenter media box

PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can start downloading any PresenterMedia content while working in PowerPoint, as well as insert clipart and animations directly to your slides. Moreover, after opening a PowerPoint template, you can use the custom color changers without ever leaving PowerPoint. This is particularly useful for customizing the color of clipart objects, to match your presentation style and corporate identity color scheme.

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