Classroom Open House Presentation Template For PowerPoint

For teachers and school administrators who need to meet parents to welcome them and their children back to school, you would need to create a beautiful presentation that would strike these discerning parents a good impression. With such a presentation, you would need to assure these parents that they have made the right decision by choosing your school or university for their children. 

School Open House Template for Teachers

Build Rapport with Parents

The Classroom Open House Presentation Template for PowerPoint is a beautifully designed template specially created for welcoming parents to the educational institution that will teach and guide their children for the coming school year and possibly the years to come. This template is crucial in making that make-or-break first impression that would help form the opinions of parents about the institution.

This Classroom Open House Presentation template comes complete with a cover page and inside slides that all contain the same theme of education and learning. It contains 10 slides that are structured and organized to both impress and inform parents.

Welcome Parents and Set Expectations with Them

The first slide is a cover or also called title slide that contains a photo of books stacked high up on one side. On the other is a gradient-style background that uses shades of blue. This background matches the blue line in the middle of the slide, separating the image and the background. In the background side of the slide, you can type in the title or theme of your Open House, as well as the name of the school and the date of the activity.

Create a Well-Organized Slideshow

The next slides each have their own subtopics, starting with a welcoming slide for the parents. This slide also lists down the goals of the open house activity. The rest of the slides helps set expectations for parents, as well as give them an overview of what to expect from the school and the school year. The subtopics include Curriculum Goals, Class Rules, School Policies, In-Class Activity, Class Information and more.

Follow Guides and Easily Customize the Whole Template

This template can be used as a school presentation to be included in parent-teacher meetings, or as a standalone slideshow for actual open house activities in school. Either way, this will help foster a good and mutually beneficial relationship between parents and teachers, which will ultimately be great for the students.

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