Audience Analysis Templates for Marketing Plans

If you need to prepare a complete Marketing Plan containing an Audience Analysis then you can use premium and free audience analysis templates. Here we will show you a few examples of audience analysis templates for PowerPoint, Word and Excel that you can use to boost your productivity.

Audience analysis involves gathering and interpreting data about the recipients of oral, written, or visual communication. You can find many different methods that a technical communicator can use to conduct an audience analysis. The task of completing an audience analysis can be overwhelming and you can use multi-pronged approach to conduct the analysis, which is recommended by most professors. Michael Albers is one of the authors who suggests that an analysis use several independent dimensions that work together, such as reader knowledge of the topic and reader cognitive ability.

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To conduct a target audience analysis process then you can take advantage of target audience analysis worksheet or audience templates. Beforehand you should determine the important characteristics of an audience in order to chose the best style, format and information and arguments when writing or speaking. You must understand the identity, personality and characteristics brought to a situation by the specific type of audience. This article from TX resources ( is self explanatory about target analysis.

There are several free audience analysis templates for Marketing Plans that you can download online, and normally an audience analysis worksheet or document may contain: Audience identity, attitude and personality, result, expectations, current state, GAP Analysis, solution, benefits, costs, prerequisites, audience profile demographics, training, outcomes, situational audience, analysis and more. A good resource where to learn about audience analysis can be this article Discover the importance of an audience analysis profiling from or download this free target audience analysis questionnaire.

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