Top 5 Speech Ideas For Controversial Topics

It is a known fact that no two people can have same ideology, opinion or lifestyle. And it is quite evident that variation in ideas directly leads to controversies. But for any learned person, a controversy is more about discussions than being a war of words.

This is the main reason as to why controversial topics are more often the hot favorite speech ideas. As besides sharing of information, these themes serve as a media of putting the myths and delusions of populous to rest.

Speech Ideas For Controversial Topics

But when delivering speech on controversial topics, one has to be extremely careful. The 5 most important things that deserve your attention in this context primarily constitute of the following:

1.  Selecting the Right Words:  Always remember that freedom of speech has a responsibility attached to it. Thus, while focusing on your topic, make sure that you do not hurt the sentiments of your audience.  For this, you are supposed to:

  • Know the mindset of audience you are addressing to.
  • Avoid hurtful words which can belittle the feelings of an individual or community.
  • Be ready to incorporate a few changes on the spot, just in case you feel that the discussion is not heading towards the direction it was supposed to.

2. Following the Pro-Con Pattern: You can begin your speech in a way that whether you are in favor or against the topic, followed by a brief overview of con arguments, which can than be summed up by a list of pro arguments. This way, you can retain clarity of thoughts throughout the speech, which is a great technique to keep your audience engaged.

3.  Being Solution-Oriented: If you are talking about a topic like surrogate mothers or mercy killings, then the best method for delivering an impressive speech is elimination method. Since people are already familiar with such topics so, it is always beneficial to concentrate more on solutions for solving the problem.

4.  Staying Neutral Doesn’t Always Work: It is perfectly fine if you choose not to be biased and stay neutral in your thoughts. But in such a scenario, you will not be able to justify your stand on the concerned topic because speeches and discussions are meant to persuade people to think and bring forward a more refined opinion.

5.  Be Prepared: Research well regarding facts, policies, quotes and statistics in favor of your argument and be thorough in documenting and depicting your references. This is required so as to make people believe in your belief.

Be it any speech idea, it is the presenter that can make the whole difference. So, know exactly what you want to demonstrate and go for a bombastic presentation.

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