Top 3 Best Media Streaming Devices

Digital media is immensely gaining popularity and has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Media streaming devices are the most popular and today they can be found in more houses than ever before. This is the reason that a number of companies are producing different kinds of media streaming products.

Best media streaming devices

There are two types of streaming devices available in the market today i.e. set-top boxes and HDMI dongles. If you as a buyer are confused between the different streamers available, following are the top 3 best media streaming devices that will help you to choose one for you:

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick is one of the most popular HDMI streaming devices. The important characteristic feature of this device is that it offers more than 1,000 channels for you to watch. The package includes HDMI stick, USB cable, remote, batteries and the manual as well. The device is purple in color and has an HDMI output on one end and MicroUSB port on other so as to plug it into your TV or wall.

The installation process is very simple with only requirement of computer use. When you make a Roku account online, you can very easily select your favorite channels, apps as it calls them to upload on your device. After the completion of the process, you just need to confirm the verification code on your TV and you are all set to explore the digital world.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Express
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This is one of the most popular media streaming devices launched by Google at very reasonable price. The package includes a dongle and a MicroUSB charging cable. There is no remote control for this device; instead your smartphone is connected to the device enabling a unique and simple experience for you. You can easily plug the device in and make use of your smartphone, computer or tablet as remote and it just works.

The installation process is very easy and takes not more than 5 minutes to accomplish the complete process. The confirmation code you receive can be very easily verified using your smart phone or the computer system. Also, Chromecast would require updating as well. This media streaming device is compatible with iOS, Android, and Chrome, making its use easy for all.

Chromecast streaming device

Nexus Player

The Nexus Player is a set-top box streaming device by Google. With an oversized hockey puck shape, the device is black in color featuring a smooth texture. The package consists of the Nexus Player, power adapter, voice search-enabled remote, 2 AAA batteries, and the manual as well. The important feature of this highly advanced device is that the transition animations are based on material design, providing an abundance of smooth, flashy and pretty animations.

The setup of this streaming device is very easy with no extra efforts required. You just need to connect Nexus Player with your Wi-Fi connection, confirm a few codes that are send to you and the process is successfully completed allowing you to start streaming. Also, it has Google Cast built into it, enabling you to cast things from your mobile device to your TV.

Nexus Player

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